Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My weird sunburn

it's like someone put their thumb in the middle of my upper arm and pushed, except that it's a sunburn. I have no idea why it looks like that. I wasn't holding or wearing anything weird.

The importance of getting guage

(click for big)

Monday, June 28, 2010

This post is dedicated to the letter P for procrastination and my ever-leaking sinuses

This post is an uncomfortably accurate (at least some of the time) and hilarious summary of my life: This is Why I'll never be an Adult, from Hyperbole and a Half. Especially lately.

On the plus side, it appears that Summer! Is! Finally! Here! HOORAY! Thursday-Sunday all sunny, all warm, all the time. OK, today is kind of cloudy. But enh, Mondays, what do you expect? The weekend was fabulous, there was beer, and I got the weirdest shaped sunburn ever. Oooh, I should post a picture!

I finally broke down and am trying the nasal sprays. They make me nervous; I like my sense of smell and I'd really like it to stick around. Step right up and spin the Allergy Med Wheel! I'll take possibly efficacious? for $200, Bob. Current survey says not very, but I'm supposed to go for more than a day. What fun side effects will be involved with THIS one?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pea vines

6 foot tall fence for scale (and support)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunshine day everybody's laughing

Mmmm those Brady Bunch flashbacks

I was eating lunch today and looking at blogs and getting a little annoyed at some people who don't ever seem to update their blogs. Then I felt embarassed when I realized there's some kind of pot here and he's harassing a certain kettle. Good intentions, road to hell, blah blah blah. Since I use excuses not to get around to posting, I suppose I can use an excuse to post. It's a sunny afternoon, the first one in a week. Good enough.

It has been a craptastic week. There was an office politics explosion and my awesome boss, her awesome boss, and some other people got laid off. There is other stuff but I can't talk about it. We had the best, most kickass team that I've ever worked with and it's all falling apart. Sometimes I kind of wish it'd been me too.

Last weekend I was at a wedding of a old friend who I spent a lot of good (and not so good) times with. It was a lovely party, but there is some psychological stuff going on in my head (no, not what you're thinking. We're sincerely, really just friends. Neither of us is each other's type at all) and I really want to talk about it but I can't do that in a public space. I'm reticent even speaking with K. It just keeps bothering me. I'll probably sit down and write a huge rambling text file and file it away in the locked journal directory of my computer. Maybe I just need to get it out.

I've finished up 2 pairs of socks, started another, been dyeing like crazy, swearing a lot over trying to reproduce some previous colorings, and started a beaded scarf that I really like but it's SO SLOW it's driving me nuts. It's pre-string-the-beads kind of project and every time I have to pull over a bead it interrupts the whole flow. But it looks so pretty I keep bulling on. Oh, and I swatched for a sweater, like, 2 months ago. What, I'm supposed to start it now? (stop laughing)

What else? Oh, the peas. They love this weather. They're 7 feet tall and STILL GROWING. We're at 4.24" rain for June. Average is 0.24", with a historic minimum 0 and a max of 1.48". But the best thing is they are just getting ripe and it's like my little green sugary heaven out there. They're sugar snap, and mostly they don't even make it inside the house before being devoured. I'll take a picture for you this weekend.