Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I survived Sock Summit

But I did get more than a lousy cold (Yarn Harlot, I am glaring at you). Hey, at least I got it AFTER the end.

The Twisted booth, in all its glory, before the marketplace opened.

I got to meet and talk with lots of lovely people, both new friends and ones I haven't seen for a long time. I'm kind of a hermit. So it was kind of surprising that I decided to go to the sock hop and boogie down anyway. (Thank you Janet for getting me a ticket).

But hey, how often do I get to wear my pink zebra-print pettiskirt? OK, at least in semi-fashion-appropriate settings? (BTW, it's swirly and totally fabulous. I highly recommend it, although the zebra print is, honestly, a tiny bit over the top. I got mine at PettiskirtStyle.com. No affiliation, just a happy customer (they've got plus sizes!))

It was a little dicey near the end, and I ran out of time, but I did actually manage to dye enough I wasn't embarrassed at having too little in the booth. I did pretty well for being a brand-new unknown newbie dyer. It was extremely gratifying having people compliment my yarn or even better, show me the beautiful things they have done with it.

K the love monkey helped out so much; I couldn't have made it without him. This is the pile of dye ties next to the skein winder, from the last DAY of skeining he did for me. (ugh. so much skeining.)

The cold threatened to go bronchitis on me but fortunately mostly stayed above the neck except for the occasional hack. This month I have been sewing, more than I have for the last year. Maybe if I'm feeling brave I'll post the costume bolero I made up last week. Be afraid: it has fringe, people.