Saturday, July 14, 2012

Genuine Geranium

These are geranium macrorrhizum, aka "big root" geranium (heh, go go gadget latin name).  They are a total workhorse: drought tolerant, take partial shade, and produce pretty flowers. These filled in from about 6 plants in 2 seasons.

Plus my late, lamented gardenia. The scent of the flowers use to perfume the whole room.

Hooray, it's finally decided to be summer here. A whole week and a half of sunny days (well, at least after noon). Tomorrow I don't know. Thunderstorms they say, maybe? Which means a couple of bolts, and some rumbling off in the distance. Perhaps.  Portland isn't really geographically conducive to thunderstorms.

I seem to have planted All The Things this year. Because of the new fence, we had to rip out some the perennials right next to the fence line. It's a big bare area now, and I decided to hell with it, this it the year I would plant sunflowers. I have never grown sunflowers before. I'm a little excited. I know, doesn't take much, does it?

Otherwise most of my free time right now is sucked up by dyeing. I am Ms. September in the Twisted Shawlette Club this year. I'm excited about it, and my (completely unbiased) opinion is that the pattern is lovely. I sure hope people like the yarn. I'm certainly fond of it (I better be, dyeing up this much).

I'd like to write something profound, or even interesting, but it's not happening tonight.