Friday, July 31, 2009

Topless is the new black

Because if you aren't wearing clothes, there's nothing to sweat on.

Actually, the heat broke last night, thank goodness, and it was actually 70 degrees and overcast this morning. QUEL MIRACLE. Humid as crap (it's all from the ocean), but at least it is cool. Good, because I'm getting tired of camping out in the basement and taking cold showers.

Despite all my complaints, I actually like the heat. I enjoy bumming around in shorts and tank tops, and sitting out on the patio with sangria (verdict: try better orange liquer next time. Or maybe it was the 3-buck Chuck), fresh tomatoes and cherries and berries and peaches; sunlight.

Coworker the other day said:

"It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

I'm wearing my favorite (only) Hawaiian shirt today, bright red with floating fruity drinks. I'm biking home, and I do believe I will hit the yarn store and then the Tiki bar on the way. (Don't worry, there's a bus from the Tiki bar I can catch, should I imbibe one Mai Tai too many). Yay for summer.

Monday, July 27, 2009

bleh, hot

Why yes, it's 85 F at 11:30 at night. And we don't have air conditioning. Why do you ask why I'm grumpy?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beer beer beer beer beer

Sing it with me!

And what would this be? This would be a commemorative (required) mug for the Oregon Brewer's Festival. 4 days of tasty, tasty beer sampling.

Friday we cut out early from work (hey, I worked late all week long for this) to go to the beerfest. Gorgeous, lovely, sunny day, and not even that hot (that was Saturday & Sunday. No worries, I think it's finally dropped to 80 degrees now). We had a good time, the Love Monkey & I.

Because I'm feeling all Portland lovey tonight:

Crossing the river on the lower pedestrian/bike-only deck of the Steel Bridge while I'm waiting for it to open on my ride home on Thursday night. Hooray, biked again, and didn't hurt anything! I don't know how to express how much of a minor miracle that is.

Those two spiky tower things on the right are the Convention Center towers, home of the Sock Summit in a couple weeks. Yes, I'm going. Stop and say hi if you happen to be too, I'll probably be sporting a BigAlice tag. I'm also helping out Rabbitch on Saturday, so drop by! She's sandwiched in between the BMFA booths. Buy some yarn! Spread the love!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I biked to work today!

And it didn't hurt my back! !!! !!!

See, I haven't biked in the morning for almost a year now. 1 year of fearing that I'm going to screw it up again so badly that I won't be able to walk. Last year in August I tried before a physical therapy appointment and just a 2-mile ride caused me enough pain to put me back 2 weeks in therapy. I've been afraid ever since, especially since I still am stiff every morning and have a little pain.

BUT IT WORKED THIS MORNING!!!! I haven't ridden to work in more than a year, despite only living a few miles away. I love riding my bike! It's so much fun (except the hills: not really very fun)

(Dancing around the room. Then stretching, ok!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Living in my own Neurocracy

So, yeah. Hmm. It's been a month. I'm not so good with the segue so I'll just pretend it hasn't been.

Things have been special in my head lately. And not in a good way. I've been spending far too much time dwelling on things over which I have limited to no control. Obsessing really, and I really really really wish I could make the little voices shut up sometimes ("What do they say?" the Love Monkey asks "That I'm fat, ugly, and I buy too much yarn" (actually that last thing I've elided, as I need my privacy.)) The cat, at least, I can project no imaginary critics upon.
Frances says: don't tread on me.

Spread this out or clump it up in one post?
At least there shall be pictures.

Family reunion with in-laws. NY niece is 4!

I went to Black Sheep Gathering with Michelle. Yay! Had a great time and and avoided being sucked into spinning for at least a few more months. Hey, it's her birthday today. Go by and wish her happy birthday, for my sake?

Mmm, beer

Hoorah, still employed.

Wedding/roadtrip to northern California
Love Monkey included for scale

The first tomatoes
We'll see how long it takes the squirrels to strip them off the plants.

Meanwhile I am trying to avoid thinking. Vacation was good for that; regular life not so much. Otherwise it's glorious, warm, wonderful summer, I've got some sock yarn that's yarning for the dye pot, and the cat is completely zonked out on the couch beside me. See, life is pretty good after all.