Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have a secret

Which I've been keeping for a while. But I sort of have to be outed now. Hmph, this is like coming clean about eating the last of the ice cream.

So. I started dyeing for sale last year.

I kept meaning to mention it here but no time ever seemed right and then the winter happened and then I quit my job. Sorry, I haven't ever mentioned that either. It just wasn't working out, and I wanted the summer off, and I could afford it, and I couldn't stop thinking about how my Dad hadn't retired for so long and kept deferring things. It also freed up time for me to spend with my Mom and brothers and my brother's family. Well, I was GOING to take the summer off and then dyeing kind of took over my life.

I've been selling at a local store, Twisted, and while I had a full time job I could barely keep them supplied, let alone do any online sales. Then they asked me last winter if I was interested in doing Sock Summit with them; they'd be featuring the work several local dyers. Since I came back from visiting Mom in May I've been dyeing like crazy, trying to get ready.

Well, we set up the booth yesterday. I still have a hard time believing that this is all my yarn. But I'm doing this because it fills me with pleasure to play with color and texture. It's wonderful to have people tell me they like knitting with my yarn, and show me their projects -- I had a hand in their creating something unique, something beautiful.

Yes, I do have an etsy site, but I'm not going to mention it now because it is so very sad and empty because EVERYTHING is at Sock Summit right now. I have plans to finally get it up and running later in the summer. I don't really want to turn this into a dyeing blog. I just like to ramble here. But I'll post it then.

Anyway, if you happened to be at Sock Summit, I'll be working at the Twisted Booth, #300, Saturday & Sunday mornings and early afternoon. Come by and say hello, I'd love to meet you. I'll be the one with kind of a dazed look on my face, grinning.