Sunday, October 25, 2015

Too many irons, not enough fire

One of my friends has a t-shirt I covet, with "It was on fire when I got here" written on the front.


The days have been sliding by again lately and now Fall is almost over and WTH happened? I need to email at least 3 people, submit FSA receipts & expense reports, check up on a bank thing, exercise more, clean up the studio, catch up on work, figure out dinner, and an endless list of shoulds and ought to's and no energy to cope with them all right now. So, blog post for the avoidance win!

I haven't finished the big star quilt. There was a newer shinier thing, and friend announced her first baby coming. The Big Star is waiting, sadly, until I get back to it. Hopefully some time this year, but that's not looking good.

This is trying to become a baby quilt

This might be a baby sweater if I can figure out what to do now I've run out of yarn. Humorously, it is named the "5 hour baby sweater". I laugh and laugh.

I have knit or started knitting about 20 different mittens. After the success of the Smittens, which turned out the beautifully, the perfect size, I cannot seem to hit anything else. I've tried a half dozen yarns by now.  One set will MAYBE fit a 2-year old (they were so cute I went and finished them anyway). The next full mitten was slightly too small.

Note the failure to cover the fingers of the hand

Two months and two pair to go.  The latest swatch was an utter failure. I guess it's good that I started Christmas knitting in June?