Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Wednesday Freakout not being brought to you by the letter M

The landscapers are here to fix all the problems I have not dealt with for years. And to hopefully work magic on my crappy looking backyard that I just covered with pots instead of coping with.

I have to keep remembering, it's not my house (or yard) any more. It's just a commodity to sell. Movers come Friday.  Electrician tomorrow, contractors all this week. Painters Saturday or Monday. Refinishers in a week and a half. Plumbers already came in and put in a brand new shiny water heater. Why did I wait so long do that?

I went and bought new light fixtures for the bedrooms to replace the lovely 80s fan-lights (with tassels!)

Wouldn't this look awesome in the bedroom? Sadly, I went with something more prosaic.

And realtor yesterday and the tentative put-on-market date is now the 22nd. Gak. I don't know if I can do this. The house (except the rooms that are completely empty because of the contractors) is like an episode of hoarders:  narrow walkways between piles of Stuff everywhere.

Here's the moral today: If there something you want to do to your place of living, and you can afford it, DO IT NOW. Don't wait. I will never get to enjoy the newly painted walls or the lack of shiny sparkly popcorn ceilings.

And a lesson for me: think before you buy. Will you use it? Is it worth the space it will take up in your home and your head?

They have a chainsaw. Hold me.