Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Wednesday Freakout not being brought to you by the letter M

The landscapers are here to fix all the problems I have not dealt with for years. And to hopefully work magic on my crappy looking backyard that I just covered with pots instead of coping with.

I have to keep remembering, it's not my house (or yard) any more. It's just a commodity to sell. Movers come Friday.  Electrician tomorrow, contractors all this week. Painters Saturday or Monday. Refinishers in a week and a half. Plumbers already came in and put in a brand new shiny water heater. Why did I wait so long do that?

I went and bought new light fixtures for the bedrooms to replace the lovely 80s fan-lights (with tassels!)

Wouldn't this look awesome in the bedroom? Sadly, I went with something more prosaic.

And realtor yesterday and the tentative put-on-market date is now the 22nd. Gak. I don't know if I can do this. The house (except the rooms that are completely empty because of the contractors) is like an episode of hoarders:  narrow walkways between piles of Stuff everywhere.

Here's the moral today: If there something you want to do to your place of living, and you can afford it, DO IT NOW. Don't wait. I will never get to enjoy the newly painted walls or the lack of shiny sparkly popcorn ceilings.

And a lesson for me: think before you buy. Will you use it? Is it worth the space it will take up in your home and your head?

They have a chainsaw. Hold me.


pacalaga said...

You had those glittery popcorn ceilings too?! I have nostalgia for the ones in my childhood bedroom.
I kinda wish you'd gotten the bat. Incidentally, you are super brave for uprooting and doing all that and moving to a whole new state. I'm jealous that I'm nearly 40 and haven't yet had the guts to do it.

kmkat said...

I have said that exact same thing about why didn't we do this long ago so WE could enjoy it. Inertia is a terrible thing sometimes.

Cookie said...

Priceless lesson, that. Keep it in mind for the new life in The City. Btw, you'll be fine, do great and someone new will love that house and enjoy all that hot water.

You wanna talk tough stuff, let me tell you about my life. ;^)


Joan said...

Preaching to the choir... Our house has been sitting empty and unloved for the past six months, the market in France is so bad. I need to find a statue of St Joseph to bury in the garden!

fillyjonk said...

Oh, luck and mojo to you! My brother and sister-in-law (yes, the ones who just had a baby) moved cross-country and are trying to sell their house (in a "declining" suburb of Chicago)

That bat light fixture was awesome. It's sad how bland sells better than cool when a house is on the market, though.

Carrie#K said...

But moving will nicely prune out your stuff. And the closer it gets, the more ruthless you'll be. Although try to do it before - I've moved and then tossed stuff when I was putting it away.

And call me!! I'll only be 30 miles to the east away - and I'm officially allowed to drive again.

Knittripps said...

I hope the move is going well! I've been thinking about you.