Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meowing to the Oldies

The cat is really grumpy this morning. She keeps coming in and complaining loudly, then walking out again. What do you want, cat? And then I start substituting meows for words in songs. Honk honk, meow meow! Talking 'bout the bad cats, sad cats!

And now I've got Gor-gon-zola stuck in my head, to the tune of Lola.

Been a rough February. Work's fine, although not very challenging, and I work with someone who hasn't yet discovered that ctrl-S means save, the same way that File > Save does. When I'm getting very nasty & vindictive inside my own head, I start counting the seconds it takes him to move up to the file menu and choose "save". I save about every 7 seconds, and that's not hyperbole. I guess I had it ingrained into me from a young age among more crash-prone computers. I finish a line of text, I hit ctrl-s.

Darkness, rain. The winter usual. I could really really use a week somewhere warm and sunny and away from ctrl-s's.

I have a whole pile of finished knits from months and months ago that I want to put into my Ravelry projects list, and they all need pictures. I don't know where to photograph them. I need to ask the Love Monkey to take pictures of me but me and my zits are feeling particularly un-photogenic right now. Couple weekends ago there was some sunlight & I tried the porch swing.

Ugh. Well, at least it shows the entire shawlette.

The pattern is Textural Healing (Ravelry link) and it was entertaining once I got a gauge I liked - loose, but not too loose. The picot binding caused me a lot of trouble, though: I kept miscounting. I had to safety pin up the entire thing to get it straight.

The close-ups turned out better.

The yarn is, well, the yarn is my own. Big Alice Dyes Foxtrot (50/50 fingering weight silk/superwash merino) in colorway Well Red. It's nearly a solid, but not quite, and that definitely worked the best with this pattern. I started off with something more variegated and wasn't happy with it at all. The silk is really nice at showing off the texture.

I took the shawlette on a field trip to the Chinese Garden. (I know, those Portlanders and all their gardens. This is a nice one, although tiny (1 city block). It's kind of amazing just what they crammed into 1 block.)
'I think red brings out the blush in my cheeks. Both sets of them.'

Hey, at least he doesn't have zits.