Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cat Stakeout

I did trap the kitten. Once I managed to get enough emotional control to not burst into tears (what the hell is wrong with my head?), he was easy. He was already not shy of me, and after initial wariness and coming out and meowing at me a couple times, he went right in.

I was afraid I had taken too long to do this, that he would be too old, but the SPCA accepted him into their kitten adoption program after an intake interview. So hey, I hope he lives a happy and well-fed life.

Mama has not been so easy. When I went to feed her that evening I could feel her glaring. "You took my kitten" she glared. (Hmm, melodramatic much?)

I didn't intend to take this picture. I was just sitting there, waiting and messing around with the camera, and she slunk right through the frame.

I've made several attempts to trap her, including not feeding her on Friday at all, but that just seems to have driven her away. She hasn't shown up for several nights now. So I sat on Saturday, a distance away, with the trap cleverly disguised by a purple towel and a trail of tuna fish leading to the back of it, waiting to see if she'd come. Nothing.

I can't wait around too long in the evening because here's who showed up one night. I skipped feeding that night and came the next morning. Blurry picture, but I think you can make him out:

We are moving, a week from Tuesday. The rent-a-boxes arrive this Tuesday.
I just want it to be over. It won't be nearly as unpleasant and complicated as moving out of state, but still. I'd like some time to just stare at the wall in peace.

I have been making my lists again. And I've been an adult and completed things from the list (hello moving boxes, movers, dentist, mechanic, SFSPCA, transit, and doctor. Yes, I'm getting movers. I'd rather pay them instead of spending 3 months in physical therapy for the inevitable back injury.) Some people enjoy lists, but I don't. Crossing things off doesn't do anything for me; it just reminds me of how much else is on the list. I never seem to completely finish off every item, which is what gives me a sense of closure. Probably because I keep adding things.

At least I finished off  some socks. When they are done, they are DONE (unless I screwed up the toes. You'd think I'd have completed enough pairs by now I would have toes DOWN. but no)

The yarn on the left is some prized Rabbitworks Fibre Studio Toe Jam sock in Revenge. I liked this pattern so much for some other very-variegated sock yarn, I went the lazy way and did it again.

On the right, I lifted the stitch pattern and erm, not much else from the Tern pattern. I did them cuff-down, heel flap, in fingering-weight yarn. I don't like larger gauge socks & short-row heels don't often fit me well. If you look closely you can see that they're fraternal. I accidentally added an extra row between cables on the 2nd sock. Whoops. I didn't discover it until I the ankle & by then I didn't feel like ripping.  Hmph. They are each handsome in their own way.

The terns use Cherry Tree Hill super sock with Louet gems toes (and a strand of wooly nylon. This is a test to see if it can help strengthen the 100% wool toes from my Toenails of Doom.) I like the different colored toes but they weren't a choice. I have the US women's size 11 feet & usually need a minimum of 420 yards. Cabling of course sucks up even more. I have only a few yards left of the blue. I once made size 7 socks for a friend and wow, it took like 1/2 the time. So you people with your man-socks complaints can just cry me a river.

Thursday, August 08, 2013


Hi there. August. How again did it get to be August? And Evil Twin, if you dare mention anything about days left until the C holiday, I will scream.

This is my new friend. I found her/him mewing near the sidewalk next to a heavily-wooded area(do you say wooded when it's all underbrush and shrubs?) a couple weeks ago (arggh I need to stop procrastinating this - has it been so long?), right before I left on a business trip to Portland.

Here's a better picture.

He's gotten enough used to me that he'll eat within a couple feet from me, as long as I'm not moving and he's hungry enough.

And then last week someone who appears to be Mama made an appearance. She is long-haired, black-furred, and green-eyed just like the kitten.

And then today, who should show up but Papa. He has short hair, but also black fur and green eyes.

What the hell am I going to do?

The kitten, if not too feral, might be able to get into a kitten adoption/fostering program. SPCA of San Francisco's policy is catch, cut off them gonads, and release. They don't rehabilitate or euthanize feral cats. Which is nice for the cats, hell on the songbirds, but also probably helps keep the city rodent population down.

I have been advised to go pick up a kitten & cat trap (ok, make that 2 now) from the SPCA, who will catch, spay/neuter, then give them back to me to release. If feels like the meanest betrayal to do that to the kitten. I'm fairly sure he won't be a problem, as he comes right up to the food. The adults will likely be harder.

Some days it feels like the only good thing I'm doing in the day is feeding that kitten. Been kinda a rough few months, mentally.

We're moving, beginning of September. I still have too much crap. Even AFTER Massive Crap Cleanout #1. At least it is only cross town this time, not a 13 hour drive. I really need to ditch one of my hobbies.