Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beer beer beer beer beer

Sing it with me!

And what would this be? This would be a commemorative (required) mug for the Oregon Brewer's Festival. 4 days of tasty, tasty beer sampling.

Friday we cut out early from work (hey, I worked late all week long for this) to go to the beerfest. Gorgeous, lovely, sunny day, and not even that hot (that was Saturday & Sunday. No worries, I think it's finally dropped to 80 degrees now). We had a good time, the Love Monkey & I.

Because I'm feeling all Portland lovey tonight:

Crossing the river on the lower pedestrian/bike-only deck of the Steel Bridge while I'm waiting for it to open on my ride home on Thursday night. Hooray, biked again, and didn't hurt anything! I don't know how to express how much of a minor miracle that is.

Those two spiky tower things on the right are the Convention Center towers, home of the Sock Summit in a couple weeks. Yes, I'm going. Stop and say hi if you happen to be too, I'll probably be sporting a BigAlice tag. I'm also helping out Rabbitch on Saturday, so drop by! She's sandwiched in between the BMFA booths. Buy some yarn! Spread the love!

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