Friday, July 31, 2009

Topless is the new black

Because if you aren't wearing clothes, there's nothing to sweat on.

Actually, the heat broke last night, thank goodness, and it was actually 70 degrees and overcast this morning. QUEL MIRACLE. Humid as crap (it's all from the ocean), but at least it is cool. Good, because I'm getting tired of camping out in the basement and taking cold showers.

Despite all my complaints, I actually like the heat. I enjoy bumming around in shorts and tank tops, and sitting out on the patio with sangria (verdict: try better orange liquer next time. Or maybe it was the 3-buck Chuck), fresh tomatoes and cherries and berries and peaches; sunlight.

Coworker the other day said:

"It's not the heat, it's the stupidity."

I'm wearing my favorite (only) Hawaiian shirt today, bright red with floating fruity drinks. I'm biking home, and I do believe I will hit the yarn store and then the Tiki bar on the way. (Don't worry, there's a bus from the Tiki bar I can catch, should I imbibe one Mai Tai too many). Yay for summer.

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