Monday, August 03, 2009

They look like little jewels

Little cherry tomato jewels

I never liked raw tomatoes as a kid. I blame this on the fact that my father was a firm beefsteak man, and although he loved his home grown, I am not really into that much acid. These cherry tomatoes are like candy. They are best picked straight off the vine and popped into the mouth, while still warm.

Also, might I mention that these monster plants are now OVER SIX FEET TALL? The stakes aren't high enough to support them any more. As you might've guessed, I don't usually try to grow tomatoes. I might do these again, though, they're so good. And they weren't as much of a pain in the ass to grow as I thought they might be (except for all the stakes. aggh). I did do some crazy amount of digging/amending the soil, though. I live in CLAY LAND.

The pepper plant doesn't look nearly so pretty, but trust me they are as tasty (once grilled up/sauteed, then salted).
We had Pimientos de Padron first as a kind of tapas appetizer. Then I found a place at the farmer's market that sold them and we could make our own. And this year, I found a plant. mmmm, yes.

Sometimes when I can't really figure out my own life and don't know what to do with myself, I turn the left thing into the right thing.
I realize it's a bit obsessive compulsive, probably , but untangling can be very soothing. I think the key thing is that I know I really can't screw it up.

Neurotic much?

I finished some socks. I came off the Sooper Seekrit lace bender and the appeal of stockinette self-patterning was irresistible.
Here they are, trying to hide in the shrubbery.
Basil Uber Alles

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