Thursday, August 13, 2009

More pictures from Sock Summit

Sock snakes at the Skacel booth! My favorite is the zauberball orange-pink-purple one.

Zardra's Rivendells in the sock museum.

I try to get some of Jenifleur's coolness to rub off on me. I'm wearing my handmade CAKE! shirt. I should get the Love Monkey to take a front & back picture.

Camille and Imbrium! (waving frantically to Imbrium) Hi Imbrium! It was so cool to actually meet with you. Thanks for hanging with me.

Fickleknitter and her hat of awesomeness. Truly, I feel less irradiated already (she let me try it on)

This is what is technically known as a metric craptonne of yarn. (hey, and fiber, too)

I like this one because they both look like they're having such a great time. That's Jen & assistant, with the colorways inspired & created by assistant.

And (mumble mumble) you can see me doing my best eeeevil expression at Camille at the Handknit Heros booth. Yeah, I need to work on the evilness.

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