Saturday, July 18, 2009

Living in my own Neurocracy

So, yeah. Hmm. It's been a month. I'm not so good with the segue so I'll just pretend it hasn't been.

Things have been special in my head lately. And not in a good way. I've been spending far too much time dwelling on things over which I have limited to no control. Obsessing really, and I really really really wish I could make the little voices shut up sometimes ("What do they say?" the Love Monkey asks "That I'm fat, ugly, and I buy too much yarn" (actually that last thing I've elided, as I need my privacy.)) The cat, at least, I can project no imaginary critics upon.
Frances says: don't tread on me.

Spread this out or clump it up in one post?
At least there shall be pictures.

Family reunion with in-laws. NY niece is 4!

I went to Black Sheep Gathering with Michelle. Yay! Had a great time and and avoided being sucked into spinning for at least a few more months. Hey, it's her birthday today. Go by and wish her happy birthday, for my sake?

Mmm, beer

Hoorah, still employed.

Wedding/roadtrip to northern California
Love Monkey included for scale

The first tomatoes
We'll see how long it takes the squirrels to strip them off the plants.

Meanwhile I am trying to avoid thinking. Vacation was good for that; regular life not so much. Otherwise it's glorious, warm, wonderful summer, I've got some sock yarn that's yarning for the dye pot, and the cat is completely zonked out on the couch beside me. See, life is pretty good after all.

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