Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall(ing off a log)

I was going to post a big expos&eague; of the silk garden beanie this weekend. Hot pictures! Sexy heads! But I was a big lame-o and didn't manage to find my way to the computer all weekend long. Instead of doing something fun (e.g. knitting), I was cleaning up the basement (a bit of fun since it involved Stash Organization woo!) and the attic. SO EXCITING. not.

I'm going to training in San Jose, CA for all of next week so I'm scrambling at work trying to get all the loose ends tucked up so they'll stay in place for a week, and instructing others in loose end cleanup in case they come, um, loose. (Training, ugh. I have never done Training and I'm afriad that I'm going to get there and know more than the instructor and the cost and loss of time is going to severely piss me off. I'm also worried that I'm going to fall asleep in these lectures because, computer training? BORING. And I've got a finely developed Pavlovian response to lectures and dark rooms which is: fall asleep in 15 minutes. Great for insomnia, really. I'm taking a sock. I figure it's less of a faux pas to knit in class when sleepy than to actually fall asleep).

So, yo, if anyone knows any fabulous fiber or restaurants I should hit while I'm in this Bay Area thingy, I'd appreciate it. I'd say South/East bay only, please (and still open past 6 pm), except:

K the Love Monkey is flying up to SFO on Friday. I'm ditching the rental and taking Caltrain up to meet him and we're going to do the Weekend of San Francisco (via public transit and cabs). So if there are any nifty SF places you love, we don't have plans except a lot of walking and the searching out of Good Food and ArtFibers. We'll be staying near Union Square, and proximity to mass transit or <2 miles walking distance is a big plus.

I've been only once, and that was with family to the tourista spots, and for a single day. So really I have never been. I have these vague memories of a cable car and sourdough bread and a really small hotel room.

Sorry there have been no pictures lately. That always seems to take me the longest time to do. I took some commute photos today. Just for you.

I love these purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea), they're so dramatic.

The Toasty Toes sock says hello from the MAX station platform

View from the MAX, going over the Steel bridge. That's the Willamette, which connects up to the Columbia some miles to the north.

Happy (belated, sorry) Thanksgiving, Canada!


no-blog-rachel said...

I live in San Jose. So tell me what kind of food you like to eat, and I'd be happy to recommend a few spots. Haven't lived here long, but I know some good places. And I'll be happy to fill you in on some nice LYS's as well!

I'm leaving town this Friday for a week+, so if you're interested, email me back before then, ok? rachelatmaubydotcom

Zardra said...

I live in Mountain View (near Palo Alto).

What kind of food do you like?

My favorite restaurant in SF is Millenium (http://www.millenniumrestaurant.com/); it's near Union Square. It's actually a vegan restaurant, but the food is so good, you hardly notice.

I don't know where you're staying or where you're training is, but if you like good coffee I highly suggest Barefoot Coffee Roasters (http://www.barefootcoffeeroasters.com/cafe/locations/) in Santa Clara.

BigAlice said...

Woo, thank you!
I like just about any kind of food, except maybe meat-heavy places such as steakhouses or BBQ joints. Indian, Thai, and Mexican are probably my favorites.

Thanks for the suggestion on Millenium, it sounds great. I actually read a blurb about it already and was kind of thinking of going there. Vegan is fine, yum!

I'm not a coffee gal but K the Love Monkey is definitely an addict. I'll know where to send him.

Thank you!