Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday is Too Exciting for Me

  • met new knitters! They seem pretty cool.
  • new sock yarn from BMFA!
  • some of it cotton (ruh-roh)
  • realized every skein I bought is almost exactly same colors.
  • sunny day (totally unexpected)
  • K the love monkey is sick with a fever. :(
  • I feel fine (for now). I'll start sucking down the Cold-Eez at the first sign I might be getting it.
  • Thanksgiving moved to Seattle this year (Tarewyn, you still want to lean how to do socks? I'll be within driving distance around T-giving time.)
  • Frances the cat looks very comfortable and very asleep in the chair across from me. She's doing that all-her-paws-in-a-big-heap thing.
  • I talked to my brother tonight and this week he purchased the item I was intending to give him as a Christmas gift. ARGGH
  • Fortunately I have something else in mind.
  • And I kept the receipt.
  • However, I am so truly idea-less when it come to the in-laws. Oh I am screwed.
  • Scheduled an blood donation with the vampires for next weekend. Kristen's latest post reminded me that I was due
  • I just re-learned that "obliquely" means: "not straightforward" or even "devious" according to Merriam-Webster online

Sorry, sleepy, past time for bed. There will damn well be toddler sweater knitting tomorrow.

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