Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall stuff

pumpkin bread
apple pie
apple crisp
apple cider
Did I mention apples?
Oh yeah, pears
shorter days
turning on the heater

I finished the other glove last week (minus the thumb). It went a lot faster (finally). I guess my cussedness has paid off at last. You may mock me and my October glove fixation, but I'm the one laughing after it froze this weekend (the National Weather Service issued a 'frost advisory' Fri-Mon. I don't know why I find the idea of a frost advisory so funny). Of course, I bet they'll be warmer once I get the thumbs on.

Frances is doing pretty well. She takes the stairs without trouble, although she still can't make it onto the bed. We tried setting up some step-boxes and she completely doesn't get it. We'll try to find some kind of ramp.

She is still annoyed at us for making her wear the donut collar. Which only works marginally with our super-yoga kitty who is able to contort herself around it. It's better than the elizabethan-style collar, which she managed to get off 3 times. The last time she pulled it down and it was stuck around her middle at the incision and I had to cut it off her while she cried. At 3 am. When I took her to the vet to get stitches out this morning I discovered she'd pulled out 3 or 4 of them already. I suspect that most of her annoyance is because of a side effect: she cannot fit under the bed while donut'ed. Bonus for us, because it makes her much easier to catch for all these damn vet visits.

I'm sorry I haven't been around. I don't feel like I have much interesting to say; as I told my brother on the phone last weekend, I've just been doing a lot of hanging out with the cat and knitting. Oh, and nursing an addiction to Bejeweled. Send wine and cookies.

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