Monday, November 03, 2008

Fine, fine, pictures.

Posted from Firefox, since Blogger 'n' Safari haven't been playing nicely together for some months now, when it comes to pictures. Really, I do NOT want to get started when it comes to software. The more you know about the basis of current technology, the more you start stockpiling food and water for the coming apocalypse, you know? And really, you do NOT want to know the cruftiness level of some of the stuff managing the entire modern economic foundations, let alone factoring in human greed and frailty.

ANYWAY. Yes, here's the pictures of the gloves with the smitten yarn. Above is back, and below, palm. From a pattern in Selbuvottr. I'm too drunk to link the reference, sorry.

Here's a money shot of just the yarn. You really have got to feel this stuff to believe it. It's like alpaca, but with wool sproinginess. I realize this is not a color scheme chosen by most persons, but I adore it.
I loved it so much at first sight that I wound each hank into a yarn turban by hand, using these directions which I found years and years ago on teh Internets and which have served me well. I could have machine wound but it was just that wonderful to just pull the yarn through my fingers.

It has been raining all day long. I am drunken and maudlin. My love monkey is pantless due to wet rain splash up. Please excuse me.

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