Monday, January 25, 2010

I don't care for the fighting

MIL will toss something off along the lines of "Oh, FIL is [non-complimentary attribute]; he always [action that's mildly stupid or negligent]"

Then FIL will look sullen and a little angry and sometimes he will say back that she does [negligent thing] too.

Then she'll get very defensive and say that he is "always throwing things back at her" and he will try to remind her she said this somewhat derogatory thing in the first place and she will keep acting wounded and angry that he would insult her.

Yeah, and back around again.

I've gotten very adroit at shifting topics of conversation. Although when FIL starts complaining about DUI laws I have to leave the room.

Also: the great American West, full of all that space and tumbleweeds and douglas fir and cows and mountains: not as cheap as you might have hoped, especially if you want:
a view
lots of square feet
neighbors not too close by
air conditioning
a 3-car garage
big backyard
big frontyard
and not too far out from the urban center

not to mention 2 of these.

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