Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More things I did

A few weekends ago, on what we thought might be the last sunny warm weekend of the year, we went backpacking up in Indian Heaven Wilderness

What you cannot see in this picture is the west side of Mount St. Helens peaking through the trees.

Saturday was gorgeous and warm and sunny.

There were huckleberries. OK, not so many on this bush.

Sunday was not quite so warm and sunny.

But it was mysterious and interesting and not bad hiking weather. I only managed to fall over once, and really in the best possible way as I didn't break or strain anything (Except once I got home my bad knee swelled up and I couldn't really bend it much for a week. I definitely choose hiking over stairs for ways to ruin your knees, though.)

The Love Monkey contemplates the mist.
Sadly (not so sadly?) there weren't any wildlife encounters except some chipmunks and birds. I'm fine with that, as I don't really enjoy having the bear box we brought get a workout.


Anonymous said...

That photo of the lake and pine trees in the mist? A prize-winner.

And the Love Monkey? What a cutie!

Michelle said...

Your photos left me with my jaw agape. Really idyllic, gorgeous shots.

Cookie said...

Wonderful beautiful photos!

Love Monkey included. ;^)


pacalaga said...

Pretty - that misty one is my fave. And also, hubba hubba...
(My veriword is "pular". Shouldn't that be "puerile"?)

Ilix said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing!