Monday, August 20, 2012


I couldn't think of a good pun today.
These are irises from the Japanese Garden.

Today was roof day, aka scrape all the moss off so we don't look completely negligent. I didn't do this myself, as I was so anxious last weekend my body decided to take over and put the brain in its place and I hurt my back again. Don't worry, it's wasn't that painful, and it's healing, especially with all the damn stretching and yoga I do. Also it worked, and I calmed down. But I still don't really recommend that kind of treatment.

I seem to have nothing to say unless it's about plants or yarn. SO FASCINATING, I KNOW. Now that Yarn Deadline has been met, there is now looming Get Rid Of Stuff Deadline and Call ALL the Contractors Deadline.

Work is driving me batty. And it is not anything that can be fixed by talking to anyone, so my tongue is aching because of the biting. But it's still the last bit of summer, and I'm relishing it, even the 102 degree weather. It  doesn't last long (2 days. Don't judge; I have no air conditioning) and it helps me remember summer when it's cold and miserable outside. Also I enjoy not having to wear sleeves all the time. San Francisco is going to be a bit trying on that front. We'll see. Time to go treat myself to something takeout, as I cannot face another veggie burger from the freezer tonight.


Cookie said...

Talk care of yourself! You cannot fall apart before the move. Wait until after the move and you have to unpack. ;^)

Knittripps said...

Wishing you a smooth transition. Sometimes selling my house and starting over fresh in a new city sounds like the ticket.

I really liked visiting the Japanese Garden in Portland the last time I was out west.

kmkat said...

But you will (almost) never sweat in SF. And you can wear your hand knits year round.

pacalaga said...

And there's always Mesa when you need a shot of OMFGWhatTemperatureIsThis?!

alittleweirdo said...

Glad Yarn Deadline has been met! and good luck with get rid of stuff deadline! And remember that if SF gets too chilly for you, you can always go across the bay - Berkeley always seemed warmer than SF when I was in college. And further east (Walnut Creek, El Cerrito) was usually warmer still.