Monday, December 17, 2012

The other M

I'm not so good at keeping track of days lately. Witness that I should be doing last minute Christmas shopping that I'm not doing. I'm just having trouble summoning up the enthusiasm to care much. I like giving gifts to people, but I am so done with deadlines for this year.

The house is sold! We are moved. We are all urban 'n' crap now, and I still have a mountain of boxes of stuff to get rid of. It's putting a damper on the whole moving-into-a-new-place thing.

It has been nice weather until just last week, and we've had a couple weekends in all the craziness to play tourist a little. I tell everyone I think I have climate jet lag, because it really, REALLY doesn't feel like December. Then again, there's a reason there's palm trees growing here.

This is the Car, all loaded up before I drove down the last time. On the trip I took to calling it Toronado, as I was listening to Zorro by Isabelle Allende on CD most of the way down.

No, that wasn't everything left. I seem to think I can bend the laws of space and time when I move. Not so much. I could have fit more in here (just take everything out of boxes and you get rid of all that pesky empty space. The whole car rattled) but I was already running very late and needed to get on the road. Here it is at the Vallejo rest stop, right before the descent into Bay Area Rush Hour Traffic Hell.

Frances is acclimating better than I am, but she doesn't have to order any Christmas presents for any nieces and nephews. Hmph. She's instead hanging out on the balcony, enjoying some sunshine.


kitten said...

Oh I'm glad you posted - Cookie was getting worried, and even though I'd seen you on Facebook I was about to call out the virtual dogs to find you.
There are palm trees in SF?! I hope you love it once you get acclimated...

Cookie said...

There was a mall shooting. You bet your ass I was worried. If you want colder weather, come to the valley, darlin'. It's going to be 29F tomorrow morning. I am so glad the moving is over. Settle in and enjoy The City! xoxox

kmkat said...

I remember being shocked -- shocked! -- to discover the Golden Gate Bridge was ORANGE! Why had no one ever told me?

Enjoy the new place!