Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well, the vitamins seem to be working

Or, at least I seem to have more energy this week.

I also seem to not be able to stop myself from starting new socks to knit. I liked the red yarn that I used for the toes of the other, and it was sitting out, just asking to be used. So I started some cabled socks. Except the yarn is thin and the feet are big, and 64 stitches is no way going to be enough, so I added do repeats and now we're at 96 stitches. And these socks are EATING YARN. I'm at 70 g and I haven't even started the heel.

So it's now they are in temporary limbo while I figure out what to do (I'm not sure even heels & toes in another yarn will be enough). Meanwhile I cast on another pair of socks, because I've got to have some knitting for the bus, right?

Really I'm doing project-avoidance, so everything looks so much more interesting than the thing I really ought to be working on: a pair of gloves or mittens or something that I'm trying to make up from a couple different patterns, sort of winging it. I'm fairly sure they're going to be too small and I've gone too far past where the thumb would be anyway. I've noticed that when I reach a point in a project where it appears the finished object might suck, but I'm not entirely sure, I start avoiding it. Instead of fixing it or just ripping it out, or completing it to evaluate possible suckage, I just stop. I need to learn a new behavior, because while it's great for other productivity (socks!) it means the important thing doesn't get done and I have a pile of UFOs.


Today was cold (for here, stop sniggering), windy, and very brightly sunny. We decided to go wander around Golden Gate Park.

Beethoven is watching you!

Yes, there are palm trees.
The big tower in the background is Sutro Tower, a radio/tv antenna tower visible from much of the city.

We went to the Japanese garden. Doesn't look very windy here, does it?  LIES!
This pond was down in a protected little hollow.
I don't think traditional Japanese gardens use palm trees much, but you work with what you got.

I thought this fountain of a snake and a... cat-thing with fangs was cool.

OK, I'm going to go take some ibuprofen for the headache the sunshine and wind gave me, then maybe  work on the books. I'm a huge Saturday night partier, you can see. WOOWOOO!


Cookie said...

It was cloudy and weird here today. Although, it's always weird here. Is that a cobra and a mongoose? :? I'm so glad you're feeling better.

kitten said...

Vitamins are awesome. (Don't tell my mother there is something else I agreed with her on. I think I'm up to 3 now.)
Yanno, if there is such thing as an afterthought heel, why not an afterthought gusset and thumb?
Mebbe those socks need to have something ugly and dull for the foot part that goes in your shoe, and save the pretty red color for the leg?

kmkat said...

I have exactly that same behavior with a project that is not going well. Sucks to be human sometimes.

alittleweirdo said...

I haven't been to Golden Gate Park in ages! Looks like you had fun, despite the wind :) and I have a pile of UFOs as well. I have started frogging a few of them though, usually because I need the needles for another project.

Carrie K said...

It's always windy, unless you warn someone. Then it's balmy.

Nice pictures!

I finished a ruffle scarf I knew wasn't going well, cast it off, tried it on and then frogged it. My mother thinks I frog more than I finish. The trick is ruthlessness.

And then second-thoughts.

Knittripps said...

Good riddance to the month of February!!!

I hope things in the new City are going well.