Tuesday, March 26, 2013


is where I flew to, to help out my Mom for a few weeks.  Despite my unhappiness with my current job,  on the plus side they are super wonderfully OK with me working remotely. Mom is getting ankle surgery, and won't be able to drive for some time. She'll be having a hard enough time hobbling.

(What are those weird black and white squares in the middle of the Nevada/Utah desert? Alien invasion? Secret government plant? I have no idea.)

So I'm not really all that happy to be back in Utah, because it's always sort of a culture shock, and there's also a long history I'd rather not go into. Also March in Utah is more or less Brown, with a side of weather inversion smog if you're near the city. With the occasional White when it dumps snow. On say, Easter.

But that's beside the point. It's just late right now, and I'm missing my Love Monkey. Mom and I will have a good time.  She is a huge doily knitter, and has promised to show me the nifty cast-on start for tiny centers of doilies, as I have become just a teency bit obsessed with some Herbert Niebling patterns lately.

Other obsessions: indigo dyed silk organzinelinen, and lace bamboo from Habu. Laos naturally dyed handspun silk and cotton gima (look at that navy!)  Yes, the current color obsessions is all blues. I have to keep reminding myself, I am trying to divest my yarn, not acquire more yardage.

I leave you with a picture of one of the ads from The Workbasket, a magazine to which my grandmother subscribed. (Grandma was a huge doily knitter too, back when it wasn't so easy to get knitted doily patterns. This is from her Big Binder o' Doilies). August 1963.

Cookie, you do the eye boggle so much better than me.


kitten said...

DOn't all knitters need human-like monkey pets dressed in proper little frilly dresses?
Good luck in Utah. Could be worse - you could be in Phoenix. (Though at least then we could have coffee.)

Knittripps said...


Best of luck in Utah. Lemonade out of lemons somewhere?

Cookie said...


Does it come with panties to go with the dress?

If she teaches you that magic cast on loop thingy, you have to teach me!

I hope the operation is quick and as painless as possible and that the healing/driving goes well.

You have wonderful taste. Even if it is all blue. ;^)

Hippy Goodwife said...

I had the 100 little dolls from that add. My mother mail ordered them when we lived in Australia. I loved them.

Sorry about Utah. Good luck on the teeny tiny doily centers...

kmkat said...

Utah. What can I say...

I remember Workbasket. I think one of our daily papers used to feature a pattern from it every day. They all looked alike to me.

Carrie#K said...

How's your Mom doing?

I think you're just trying to go state to state to avoid unpacking boxes. Good plan!

OTOH, when my brother and I drove to PA, we mapped it out (in crayons on a butcher block restaurant tablecloth) a gray line for Utah, with a big red circle with a slash through it.

(He may or may not have been able to get a drink on a Saturday night after 10pm and I may or may not have held a butter-knife to a small adorable golden locked girl for a cup of coffee Sunday at NOON. (Okay, thankfully the coffee showed up just as I concocted that desperate plan but NOON. For COFFEE.)

That magazine is wild!