Wednesday, June 10, 2015


If I ever become a queen, I want to be addressed as Your Succulence.
This is where I went on Saturday morning.

All the spiky, prickly, weird, moisture-retaining crazy plants you could hope for. I performed some retail therapy but I don't have any pictures of those yet.

This Haworthia seems pretty happy. This one was in the show. I was especially looking for houseplants so it was kind of a haworthia year.


Not a lot of agaves, but I did see this awesome one, also in the show. It's like that Far Side cartoon: How nature says "do not touch"

There was a whole table of blooming cactus for sale. ORANGE!

I have this theory that desert plants haven't been crossed and cultivated and groomed for thousands of years, like roses and hydrangeas and lilacs have, so they often still have these weird, misshapen forms that I am growing to enjoy.

Another fabulous Haworthia. This one reminds me of the castle in the Dark Crystal, while it was still eeeeeevil. (I, ahem, might have bought a much smaller version of this.) I'll take pictures of the medusoid euphorbia this weekend. It looks like a nest of baby snakes.


fillyjonk said...

1. My mom has a Haworthia that is getting ready to bloom. I was really hoping it bloomed when I was up visiting, because I wanted to see it, but it didn't work out that way.

2. If I ever get to be a queen, *I* want to be referred to as "Your PRICKLINESS."

kmkat said...

I don't like plants that have been hybridized and crossbred within a inch of their lives, either. Dahlias are the worst, although roses are a close second. And tulips. Give me the species every time. Love your succulents!

Adrienne Martini said...

I am envious of your succulents.