Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy [Spring holiday of your celebration choice, or maybe none!]

Happy Easter! I see it's 2016 now.

This morning it struck me forcefully, as I sit here in ratty workout capris and a t-shirt, that I will never be like this woman. And now that I'm (yargh) past the ol' 40-year marker, I am OK with that. I'm even OK enough not to be too bitter about it or dislike her just because she's something the world thinks is wonderful and admires her and showers her in pink rose petals and yet I will never be her. That in itself is fairly awesome. Do you KNOW how many brain cycles I have wasted over the years obsessing over not being something else? Far, far too many.

I ended up on that blog following a random link trail that involved granola recipes. Even glamour requires granola.

Part of it is of course avoiding comparing your outtakes reel to the greatest hits record. No one wins at that. But the other part is that I've chosen to spend my time on other things, and I'm good with that. Not that sometimes I'm sad or wistful thinking about other possibilities. Not that I couldn't change. I'm a strong believer in change, at any age. I could go a full 180 and start pursuing a Glamorous Life, 24/7. But enh, while the brochure looks nice, I'm not sure about the destination. Quickie version: buy more pink peonies.

Oops. Not pink

It's been full-on Spring here for a couple months now, and we're now about to pass into Summer, Part I (the green one). We've moved into the Perfect California Day part of the year. This is the kind of weather where people visit and then they never leave. 64 degrees, brightly sunny, a small breeze, so you don't get too hot sitting in the sunshine, drinking your chardonnay. The rainy season just ended (Winter, Part I (the wet one)) so everything is green and all the flowers are busting out. Jasmine vines are in bloom, so all the air is sweetly scented. And not even scented of the city yet, as that last rainstorm hosed everything down.

And strawberry season has started.
Look at the size of those suckers

I'm so very tempted to put out the lawn chair and work on my sunburn. Sadly I need to work today, as well as pack for a business trip (to Dallas; just in case you were jealous, you can stop now). I also need a portable knitting project for that 4 hour plane flight.

My new dress! Not glamorous, but I like it.


kmkat said...

Love the outtakes vs. greatest hits metaphor. Gotta remember that one.

I used to have to go to Dallas multiple times/year back when I traveled for business. Discovered I really, really do not like most Texans. But if On The Border restaurant in Highland Park still exists, you must go there for the fajitas. Fabulous.

fillyjonk said...

I dunno; sometimes I feel like my whole life is outtakes. I can't do glamorous, even on my best day.

I admit to feeling some frustration over those people who seem to have "perfect lives" and post about them and get showered with love because I think of the nurses I know who work really long shifts, or the women who are on their feet all day clerking, or....even me....and how we're all out here struggling every day, and there are so many people out there who work hard and (the nurses especially) do really vital things, and NO ONE CARES. Or at least it seems that way.

alittleweirdo said...

Thank you for being you! I love the new dress! And I'm definitely not glamorous either - maybe we should start a group?
And I can't believe you have strawberries already.
Too bad you can't have a work trip to Portland ;)

Joan said...

Nice to read you AND see you again! I was still scraping ice off of my windshield yesterday....

Hippy Goodwife said...

Glam is overrated. I love the new dress.