Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I really really really want some yarn. I want to plunge my arms to the shoulders into deep soft wool. I want to brush my cheek against cashmere. I want to line up a rainbow of sophisticated colors and knit them into gorgeous stripes and patterns and fireworks explosions of colors. I want to deeply inhale the scent of angora, lanolin, silk. I want to squeeze fat, puffy, squishy dumplings of tweedy merino till the yarn oozes through my fingers.

Take Your Hands Away from the Keyboard and Mouse and Close the Web Browser.

Last weekend I bought yarn. Yes, broke out of Knit-From-My-Stash. There have been 2 other purchases during that time of 8 months of no yarn purchases, but:
#1 was buying yarn as gifts for my mother and grandmother.
#2 was buying a skein of Trekking when I visited the grand opening of Twisted here in Portland. I bought the yarn more as a congratulations-for-your-shop-opening than any I-must-buy-this-yarn, and I'm still thinking about giving it away via a blog contest. I'll officially take it as my exception.

But last weekend I bought yarn because I WANTED TO BUY YARN. Another yarn store in town, Lint, is going out of business. Which makes me sad, because it was a nice store and I always enjoyed going there. It was a comfortable place. When I went in they'd been discounting for 2 weeks by then, and it'd reached 50% off anything. There wasn't much left.

But I got a couple skeins of test yarn that I've been wanting to try, to take home and swatch and abuse, so I could see if I liked it (RYC Silk-Wool and 4-ply Cashcotton). I bought a skein of Lana Grossa Mellenweit sock yarn, and a skein of a silky ribbon from Trendsetter in cool pale blues, purples, and greys that I intend to use as surface embellishment on an art quilt. And 4 balls of Tahki Cotton Classic Color, (the variegated ones), shade 104, because I like Tahki Cotton Classic, I'm a sucker for variegated yarns, and I like blues and purples together. 4 balls isn't enough for a kid's sweater but I can add in one of the Cotton Classic solid colors and make something interestingly striped, I think (and hopefully not fugly. Another idea genesis that will probably look like crap when I try to build it in real life). A circular needle. A Debbie Bliss pattern book, her first one, with all those cute but not cutesy kids designs.

I'm going out to see NY neice in a couple weeks and I've got toddler clothes on the brain. So cute! So fast! So able to use colors and variegated yarns I could not wear myself! I'm not usually a pattern book buyer but I've got a couple (ok, 3 now) and they're cracked open and I'm cooing at the designs and thinking, well there's that Webs sale right now, I could get some superwash wool and and and. You can see the downward spiral. I've already GOT superwash wool. Maybe not in the colors I was thinking of. But it's not NEW. Ugh. What is it that's wrong with me?

In other news... this worsted weight stuff, uh, it sure comes together fast, doesn't it? Compared to all that lace and fingering weight I've been working with lately. I finished the other child jacket sleeve last night. Woosh! Yes, yes, pictures soon. I'm lazy.

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