Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shirking responsibility

I'm sorry I've been absent, but it's been one of those weeks where everything I say sounds stupid and inane, and there's not much going on and the most excitement in my life has been playing chicken with some sock yarn. I made it to the end of the toe, luckily, with about 2 yards to spare.

And the other excitement was not really excitement but drunken misadventure and not very fun at all. It was the first time I've gotten ill from drinking and boy howdy are we not going there again. K said: "I feel stupid, we should have done this when we were 19 or something, not when we're old enough to know better." It's funny how many synonyms for vomit you can think of while trying to avoid doing so. Let's just say Sunday was a very restful day.

And I'm not going to be much interesting for this week either, since we're leaving for a week to visit NY niece & her fabulous parents. Part of the time we'll be up in the Catskills, communing with nature and toddlers. The other part we return to NYC and do the tourist thing, with them as guides. I'm so looking forward to it. This will blow all of my vacation/sick time (my company combines the two. I will have a whopping 1.39 hours left after this week) so I'm not allowed to get sick afterwards.

I've been to New York once before, when we flew out for NY niece's parent's wedding 5+ years ago. K was busy doing best-man stuff, and we weren't there for long. This time maybe we'll get a bit more time. I'm angling to visit Habu Textiles and School Products, but we'll see how it goes. One thing I am hoping for is some REAL SUMMER again. I know, everyone else is roasting right now, but it's barely gotten into the 70s for days now. It's rainy and cold and I'd LIKE MY SUMMER BACK PLEASE. I know, it'll probably be muggy, hot, unpleasant, and smelly, but I look at it this way: I will appreciate this colder weather SO MUCH MORE. People, I need my summer. Otherwise the other 9 months of grey raininess here gets a tad unbearable.

I've been scuffling around, trying to find clothes that won't make me look SO much like a tourist in the city, but I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that NOTHING fits and NOTHING looks good and the most I can hope for is OK. I just wish stores bothered to carry medium-length simple black wraparound skirts anymore. I gave up and bought fabric to make my own (I lurve you Fabric Depot). In real life that fabric doesn't look quite so streaky. I started it last night. It's mostly finished (I'm cheating and not finishing the inside seams. I'll do them later.) I don't know if I'll have time to finish it tonight, but hopefully I can steal a 1/2 hour somewhere.

I'll leave you with these. It's cloudier than this right now, but there's a tiny bit of blue sky opening up. Today I'm an optimist.

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