Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just to put things in context

This is about how long it is now. It's not naturally curly, those are fake curls. It's long and mostly straight. I wasn't kidding about the back fat (sigh)

I am awful at embroidery, drunken or sober. Good thing I could take up knitting. Chain stitch is my new best friend, after back stitch and I don't get along too well. The bunny is done, except for a bodice ribbon and the whites of its (hers? his?) eyes. After all this, I have to agree that the orange looks a little weird. Oh well. It's probably the purple dress, brings out the orangeyness even more.

And what is this?
That would be my first attempt at stranded knitting. Doesn't look like much, does it. Fortunately the rabbit does not care. Surprisingly enough, I've got tension issues (hahahahaha, me who has to go down 2+ needle sizes for every project. You don't want to know what that translates to for thinnish sock yarn.)

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