Monday, June 02, 2008

Where did June come from?

I really intended to post last week but there is so much going on. I'm having a hard time keeping it all in a row. There is thing #1 that I can't talk about, and thing #2 that I also can't talk about; thing #1 is causing me much stress (not bad stress, but definitely stress). And then my in-laws are coming to visit this week so the whole weekend was spent cleaning and not doing much in the way of FUN. Well, I did squeeze in a little fun, because my time is precious and valuable and I refuse to spend all of it in scrubbing out the refrigerator. (The fridge, she is inherited and old and probably uses too much electricity. I clean up the sticky bits, the mold, and the crumbs, but I leave it at that. I guess that makes me a lax housekeeper. Bite me.)

Dad & I visited the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden when he was here, at the peak of rhodie bloom season.

Also, I like flowers and plants 'n' stuff but I get really tired spending all day planting them. I really should just suck it up and buy hanging baskets that are already pre-pretty from the nursery, but I have this ongoing delusion that I am a Master Gardener so I amble through the "trailing annuals" aisles at the local plant nursery looking for exactly the color combination to make The Perfect Hanging baskets. (See also: I am cheap).

The birds own that park. A canada goose looks at me laconically.

I tried to embroider the whites of the eyes on El Bunnie but it just looks weird so I think I will go with buttons only. They are very well secured; I even used cotton-covered poly thread, which is a pain in the rear to break. I am already late for her birthday. Gotta get this out the door.

I picked up the lace stole again because I felt guilty. Michelle showed me a shawl that she started and finished and blocked in less than a two weeks. My poor stole has been out of the loop for months and months. I have to finish this, if only to reclaim my needles. It's just so repetitive.

But the goslings are pretty dang cute

The weather has been craptastic lately (as usual for Mayish), with the occasional evil tease of a nice day to keep us hoping. K's aunt's name for this month is Junuary.

The bad weather is entirely explained by the fact that it's the currently Rose Festival time in Portland. It's the biggest civic event of the year - parades, carnival rides, fireworks, etc. Overcast skies and rain is traditional. You think I'm joking, but Every. Single. Year. we have lived here it has POURED rain on the Saturday of the big parade. I kid you not. So if you live in the NW, I apologize -- next Saturday morning will be a downpour. On the plus side, the sunny weather should arrive in force as soon as next weekend is over. Except you, Seattle, you know you always get rained on for the 4th of July. That's traditional, too.

Another common view of the geese.

The other big change (for me) is that I've started riding my bike to work most of the time. K & I scouted out a route that is mostly residential streets (lucky K gets a bike trail for a good chunk of his route). It's about 5 miles each way, and only a little bit of downtown streets. So not too bad, only I've learned to despise drivers on cell phones even more. It's sure a whole lot more fun than taking public transit, although it's cut out my train knitting time.

Sorry, this post is like a poker hand with a something of everything and nothing useful. Good wishes to all of you.

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