Friday, June 06, 2008

The 'rents have landed

First off - for the Thing #2 contest, I should have clarified: if more than one person guesses correctly, I'll pick a winner randomly from among the correct guessers. If you want to change your guess because of this, that's fine. Sorry for the confusion.

K's parents arrived late Wednesday night. I feel bad that the weather is so crappy; it is definitely not 'summer' unless you define summer as 55 degrees F, overcast and rainy. Ah well. This is what I need to remember when it is 102 and humid. CANNOT PLEASE ME.

Sorry, I'm a little spastic because Thing #1 was confirmed this morning and is a go! WOOHOO! I'll talk about it soon.

One of my current sock projects. I never got the self-patterning thing, it never seemed all that interesting to me. I picked up some Lang Jacquard for socks for my Dad just on a whim, and I Get It Now. It's so much fun to see the new colors come up. But you know what's crazy-making? Attempting to knit 10 spi by using 1.5mm needles because I am so loosey-goosey. On the other hand, the fabric is nice. On the other hand, smaller than toothpicks. Bleh.

These last two are from walking around downtown.
I found this lamp to be just a little creepy. It was in a window advertising a high-end frufru steak house.

Hmm, speaking of steak houses, we need to find a good, not-totally-insane seafood place and fast. The 'rents hail from the midwest and so a good salmon dinner is high on their list during visits. Unfortunately all the seafood places I know of are from Ye Olde Schoole of dark wood paneling and stuffiness. Or fish 'n' chips. There seems to be no middle ground. I think we may have to grill our own.

New condo building strut/decoration. I just really liked the orange color, especially with the green against it. So happy! So not grey like the sky! I know this probably makes me a freak. Do I care? No.

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