Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend with the 'rents

I think I mentioned that it's cold and feels like it's raining all the time and we'll never get any summer wah wah boohoo?
But it does make for some very nice pictures of rainy plants all out of focus and artsy.

We had a lovely weekend, despite the weather. I really should qualify that, because Sunday *was* a nice day and it didn't rain until evening.

On Saturday visited the Pittock Mansion, which I'd never been too. It's quite the pile--all the marble and sandstone was gorgeous. It was built 1909-1914, just late enough to get electric lights and a central radiator heating system, as well as phone service. Pittock emigrated to Oregon mid-19th century and was the first owner of the big local daily paper.

This is the outside. It's built up on the top of the hills west of Portland.

The grand stairway. There's 4 floors. It felt like being inside of a Clue game (study, music room, dining room, kitchen...)

They're not kidding about it having the best views in the city. This is the view out the bathroom window.

The kitchen tiles were nifty: when they first dug up the floor, they found that the tiles were interlocking pieces of rubber, and they recreated them and the pattern when they restored the room:

Sunday we went to the Japanese Garden, which was stunningly beautiful, as always. Everything was green and lush with all the rain.

One thing I really like about the garden? They just embrace the moss.
Unfortunately the effect doesn't look quite so good on our ratty front lawn.

One more azalea picture for the road, OK?

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