Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sock Disgruntlement

H was going to be for 'hyperbole' but I didn't get my stuff together for that, so I'll just spread some here: I've been working on a BILLION socks lately. Mostly I've just needed something portable and not requiring all that much thought. Socks fit the bill perfectly. And you know what? I look at them now and they are all ugly socks. Ugliness. Some I am just knitting to finish them up (fascination with the abomination, perhaps?) so I don't have to look at them any more. Is stockinette all I can mentally cope with? In wussy, washed out, clashing 80s colors?

I think I've OD'ed on the socks, maybe, because every one I look at I just think "meh." In order to regain some sock mojo I even *finished two pairs* on Sunday night. Yeah, that's how many socks I've been working. To be honest, 1 pair just needed ends woven in and the other needed some ends and a few rows on the toe. Still.

I've got this sock yarn that I really like, it's all happy lemon yellow and lime green (K the love monkey thinks it is the YUCK, but that's ok, because they are for ME ME ME. I have a bunch of black sock yarn lined up for him), but I cannot figure out a pattern that I like for the yarn. I've spent hours trying various things and it just looks horrible. Bah. I've got to steam it because it's all kinked up from the different knitting experiments. STUPID YARN, SPEAK TO ME!

Oh hey, or I could work on the 23 kajillion other projects I'm in the middle of. Instead I'll just whine a lot in print. Or maybe I'll just start another pair of socks.

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