Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Short 'n' sweet:
* The weekend was nice, but too short
* Physical Therapist on Monday did something good and I feel a bunch better today than I have for a while. Thank you all.
* work continues. I yearn to be useful but I'm still trying to figure out how to use everything.
* There's more to life than socks, I keep repeating to myself

Darth Socks

*Note: not "the" darth socks, just Darth Socks. Dum-dum-dum-duhduhDUM, duhduhDUM (that's supposed to be the Imperial March) They are BLACK. This is part of the Love Monkey Sock Project: 4 skeins of black uni-color Opal to be turned into socks. Every time I thought of them I was reminded of the old Brunching Shuttlecocks cartoon, More Darths. My favorite is Darth Billy. Or maybe Darth Elbow. Now you know just how weird I am.

Here's the Death Star flyby view:

It's just a boring old cuff-down sock pattern with a knit-purl stitch pattern.

Also, black yarn: not that bad. I had heard the horror stories, but even though I knit most of these last February it really wasn't hard to see. Then again, they are only a knit-purl pattern: no cables, no decreases or increases except as the sock pattern specifies.

I was just going to post some random pictures from the trip in June to Japanese garden trip because they're pretty and I got nothing interesting, but I see I snuck in some socks. Sorry about that.
Shadow of the bamboo. Sounds like a kung-fu movie, doesn't it?
Interference patterns in a fountain
Moon and Sun

That mama mallard had something like 10 ducklings following her around. I think she must've been designated babysitter for the day.

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