Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We're attending a wedding in Monterey. I am really, really hoping it will be low-key because I don't know how well I can handle high strungedness right now. I might just snap and garrote someone with the sock yarn (it's part nylon for extra strength). I'd stop by and say hi but I didn't plan ahead. Also I have never been to that area so I'm looking forward to wandering around the tidepools like the social hermit I am, although K the Love Monkey is coming along as well because I need a beer partner. Well and because he was invited too. We just celebrated our second anniversary this week. Yay us.

I leave you with the Doner Kebab of Doom. Really, doesn't it look evil? It was perched on that tray, a single tv tray with nothing else on it or around it, on the sidewalk in downtown Portland. Everyone was avoiding it, like it had an aura.
If you get too close it may eat your fingers.

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