Sunday, August 01, 2010

One of the reasons I dislike airlines

Guess what I'm doing today!!??

That would be trawling online underwear stores looking for a non-wired bra. See, the last couple times I flew I set off the metal detector. The ONLY metal I was wearing on my body happened to be in the breastal area and the button & zip on my pants.

"Oh no," the wanding person assured me, "it's not sensitive enough to pick up that." She didn't say any more after she wanded me all over (including the turning over of the waistband, blah blah blah) and yet failed to pick up any evil terrorist bombs anywhere on my body, including hiding between my boobs.

The next time I flew I wore my sports bra, which is fine for small periods of time but it's kind of BIG and gets a bit scratchy after several hours. Didn't set of the detector, though.

Genetics has gifted me with a largish bosom and it's not that easy finding unwired support. Thank goodness for teh Interwebs, because no one local seems to have them. For my size, there is very little intersection between comfortable, cute, and supportive, although usually I can get 2 out of 3. I'm reminded of the fluff NY Times article about some woman who decided to get breast augmentation surgery and then afterwards discovered that most clothes aren't really designed for busty ladies (the mental image I get when I use that phrase is like a crowd of rhinoceros with enormous breasts pushing forward) and she could no longer wear those "cute t-shirts". Ha ha. When I find a sleeveless top that fits there's a faint sound of trumpets and angelic choirs. It's as if society's beauty standards prize busty women, but only with all their clothes off.

Those puppies aren't going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Check out Goddess bras. They cater to we bib-boobed women.

Carrie #K said...

I don't feel your pain but it does sound like a PITA! Or chest.

Knittripps said...

Doh! Good luck and happy travels to you :)

Barb said...

Try Title Nine! Wired and non-wired; they're sports bras, but not all of the uni-boob variety. i've just about given up on everything else. And it looks like they're having a sale!

fillyjonk said...

Is it horrible that I feel a distinct schadenfreude about the woman who had her chesticles made bigger and then was disappointed about not being able to wear tiny t-shirts?

I mean, didn't she have any bigger friends she could have talked it over with? (Oh, I know: that type won't be seen in public with anyone bigger than a size 8.)