Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pretty pictures of flowers

I'm up "early" (for me, ok?) on a Sunday because I kept having crap dreams, one right after another. They all had to do with me screwing something up, or not getting something done, and everyone was disappointed and angry with me. Hi Subconscious, miss me much?

I'm preparing for a weeklong camping trip to the middle of nowhere and I have a billion lists and no, am not even close to being ready. The Love Monkey's been up and down to California on weekly business trips so he's got other fish to fry.

My favorite rosebush in the front yard. I thought it had died but this year it grew a new branch and flowered anyway. Roses are weird.

I'm also trying to get ready for a costume party, the more lurid the outfit the better. Love Monkey is going to go in a Sarong Suit (his own invention: suit coat, brightly colored tie, sarong) so I've got some pinstriped suiting that I'm making him a wrap skirt out of (shhh, it's going to be a fakey sarong because the fabric is a little too heavy to use in full sarong style.) I'm just going to do once & a half around and put in some buttons to secure it at the waist instead of ties. I'm trying to figure out how to get the pinstripes to go mostly up and down. He also doesn't have much of a waist so maybe I'll put in belt loops.

This year we finally caught the iris bloom at the Japanese garden.

Me, I'm going as tragic 80s; I've got some day-glow pink small-mesh nylon and lime-green big-mesh nylon that I'm somehow going to turn into a skirt. There'll probably be lots of draping. I've got some aluminum chain for the waist (oh yes!) and I'm going to pick up a pair of these gloves. Or maybe these; I haven't yet decided. And some fishnets, since a mesh skirt isn't quite enough, right?

I am stymied on the top, though. Any ideas? It might be kind of cold so more substantial is better. Maybe this shirt? but it is kind of expensive to be a one-off costume, and it only comes in purple and grey. Maybe I'll just strategically rip up a t-shirt.

And the hydrangeas, who are just fine with the cooler summer this year, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Your rose is gorgeous -- my favorite color in roses. The pink and black checked fingerless gloves are PERFECT! So, so tragically hip. Was the layered look *in* in the '80s? You could layer several strategically ripped t-shirts for extra warmth.

pacalaga said...

why not just get a tunic style t-shirt and cut it yourself to match that one? Jersey doesn't run. Bonus points if you cut up the hem and tie each little "fringe" in a knot.

Carrie #K said...

Oooh, the lurid 80's, how I miss them. You could go a la Flashdance and just cut out a sweatshirt collar. Warm, anyway.

Gorgeous flowers!

Carol said...

Those roses are exquisite!