Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess what I found?

My sticker collection. Heavy on the unicorns.
By showing this I am truly revealing myself as a girl of the early 80s, aren't I?

Oh yes, I have my collections too, so I ought not to be pointing any fingers. I used to spend hours sorting these, arranging them, looking at friend's albums and trading.
I was a completionist. Look at all the slight differences. Why yes, they are ALL sparkly.

These fabric style stickers were known as "satins" and fairly coveted. Unfortunately whatever glue they used didn't hold up so well.

So shiny. So 80s. So unicorns. Did I really have this deep a unicorn obsession? I remember it was a major part of my collection. So were bears, hearts, rainbows, and butterflies. There were even some scratch-n-sniff in the pile. Oh the memories. I sure loved the sparkly.

The pinnacle of stickerdom: the highly sought-after "liquids", made of liquid crystal. They change colors when you press on them. I think they use liquid crystal for more useful things now.

Guess I wasn't picky. If it was shiny and stuck to things, it was in my collection. A little Lisa Frank action on the bottom left, as I'm sure the connoisseurs will instantly recognize

Crossover! Christmas unicorns. Check out the one with rainbow on the upper left: unicorns, Christmas, AND RAINBOWS!!1!

Somewhat creepy metallic bears. The round one was actually some kind of thick metallic foil. Unlike the satins, the metalies are still quite sticky-strong.

Of course I never actually STUCK them on anything. sigh. I'm giving them to Mom to use in entertaining my nieces. Someone else should enjoy them and actually stick them on things. Except the pirate flag, that one's staying with me. And maybe a couple unicorns mumble mumble.


pacalaga said...

Those are MINE. I had those very stickers. OMG. Flashbackflashbackflashback. The unicorn in the moon, the satin kitty (in several colors). The I Heart Unicorn in front of the rainbow. Those mood-ring stickers. I had those very stickers. I think they are still somewhere in my father's attic, in the scrapbooks.

Hippy Goodwife said...

ah! when stickers were rare treats and not handed out on every street corner like crack cocaine. I remember making a special trip to the campus of my Uncle's college because the campus store had rolls of stickers. Shiny mimes and unicorns! and Rainbows!

fillyjonk said...

Sigh. I remember stickers, and sticker collecting. It was a big big day in my town when one of the gift shops started carrying the rolls of Mrs. Grossman's stickers.

I think about how simple and unalloyed my enjoyment of that kind of thing was. (I miss that now.)

I also had a (small, because my allowance was also small) collection of Smurfs.

Adrienne Martini said...

pacalaga - Those can't be your stickers because they are MINE. Seriously. It's like I'm back in 1980 and everything smells like Love's Baby Soft.

Kristen said...

I had many of those stickers, too. Wooooow. The satin kitten, especially, was coveted in my circle.

Cookie said...

Ever consider selling them ebay? *L*

Carrie#K said...

Oh wow, the sticker craze!! I remember picking them up all over and sending them to my cousins. They used to be so thrilled. Mail! Stickers!

That is a somewhat terrifying amount of unicorns. :)

Thalia said...

O_o. The I Heart (Unicorn) sticker, with the rainbow in back - I had that one. And the liquids, I remember those.

Woah dude. Zapped back in time. I wonder where my sticker book went. Books? Hmmm.

lorrwill said...

I had some of those unicorn stickers and matching folders,and maybe a sparkly color coordinated pen, too! So no mumble, mumble. I bet if I looked through my junk I would find one or two stickers saved for sentimental value. Yeah, that it, collectors items...mumble mumble...

oil rubbed faucet said...

Wow! I forgot about the unicorn phase of the 80's!!! Thanks for the good memories. Can't believe I forgot that.