Saturday, May 12, 2012

First of the Strawberries

At this rate, I might make 12 whole posts this year.
I hit the farmer's market today. Although they actually ran it over the winter this year (semimonthly), which was nice because I could get my apple fix from local orchards.

But unless you are really into potatoes, onions, and hardy greens (mmm kale), there's not a lot of choice. May is usually slim pickings too, but it's been a warm late spring. And the strawberries are early! Not to mention the asparagus and the onions. I know, I love you California, but the first local strawberries are like a big red flag of summer waving in the not-raining-constantly breeze.

The coffee is not exactly local, but the Oregon coffee grower's association isn't having a lot of success yet.

Work just exploded in the last couple weeks. I'm very grateful that I have this weekend off. Everyone's exhausted. Let's just say that last Wednesday I was telling the Love Monkey that last week was taking too long.

It is also crazy land at home as: 1) we just got a new fence, about 3 weeks ago. The old one was falling down. Who's the mayor of ProcrastiNation?
2) we're getting the house painted. My back, knees, and lungs all voted for hiring someone professional to do this and I regret nothing. It's lovely weather, and amazingly it's been clement all week long. But right now all the windows are wrapped up in plastic, and the outside looks like it has lesions everywhere patched with primer. Then there was the whole what-colors-to-pick dance.

What was carefully edited out of that picture above is just how full of crap the backyard is. Anyway, it all adds up to me spending the day knitting on the couch. Hey, I did some laundry. I'm not entirely useless.

I'm so looking forward to the backyard not being a huge mess, and not worrying whether the color we picked will be good or not (once it's on, it's not like I can do anything about it). On a bad day about a month ago I ordered some chrysanthemums. $3.50 for a little bit of happiness doesn't seem so high? They will be arriving in the next couple weeks. We'll see how it goes. The anemone at least is still alive.
Divide & anemonize


kitten said...

Love that flower!
I have never owned a house that required painting outside. I made up for it by painting every room inside a different color, and managed to find a tile that matched it all.

Knittripps said...


Yesterday we went to the Farmers Market for the first time this season - it officially opened last weekend. Every year it gets more crowded. I don't particularly like crowds. We bought lettuce greens, radishes, morel mushrooms, and a pepper. The local Iowa growers advertise that they are from Iowa. Early tomatoes and such are usually brought in from Missouri or others I suspect.

Carrie#K said...

Mmmm, kale? Have you tasted it?

Where's the pic of the house? Mom and I spent Mother's Day cleaning one corner of the garage. Whoo?