Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't call me chrys

We are the mums, we are the mums, we are the we are the we are the mums

This is this year's chrysanthemum lineup. I maybe went a little overboard?

I haven't ever much grown mums before, except those full-of-flowers ones you see at the grocery store in Autumn. The good members of the National Chrysanthemum Society, Oregon Chapter, assured me that they were easy to grow and care for. And I now have a 6-page closely-spaced handout on just how easy.

A few years ago I saw this pretty thing on display at the Japanese garden, and it hasn't ever quite left my head. I'm not growing for exhibition or anything, I just want pretty flowers.

Frances would like you to know that she's prettier than any of those plants, so Pay Attention to HER.


Knittripps said...

I can never get enough of cat pictures!

Cookie said...

Kitties before mums! You're a bit doomed, btw. You know that, right?

alittleweirdo said...

Does Frances eat the plants? My cat is too curious about plants, which keeps me from having house plants. One day I'll live somewhere I can have a garden...

Linda C said...

Lovely Frances - is she a tortie? She has the coloring of my Jacquie who is a lovely tortoiseshell but the look of Lin-Lin who has the face of either an Asian cat or an African Wild-Cat.

Good luck on the flowers. Sone friend from China used to bring a pot of Chrysanthemums whenever they came to dinner, etc. They said it meant long life..

To alittleweirdo- I have heard Poinsettias are dangerous for cats- my cats have never looked at them. My daughter lost a cat a couple of years ago- nibbled on the leaves of an Easter Lily. Mine could care less. They like to knock vases over and drink the water or nibble on roses.

You never know.


Big Alice said...

Hi Linda,
yup, she's a tortie. She does have an oddly shaped face though - not round, very pointed chin.

With 10 of them maybe my life will be extremely long! Hmm, depending on how I'm feeling, that might not be such a good thing.

Carrie K said...

Frances is right but those are (secondarily) gorgeous chrysanthemums.