Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Echinacea for the soul

I believe I've showed off the purple coneflowers before. When I lived in Seattle, people often grew these in their between-sidewalk-and-road plantings and I much admired them. I've got a couple clumps there myself now. They hang in there, year after year, despite the thick grungy clay soil and the fact I barely water them over the summer. When they bloom, I suddenly want a whole meadow of them.

Not I'm eyeballing some others or anything.

The to-do list is piling up again and staring hard at me, but hey, I got 4 (4! important!) things done on it today. I feel as if I'm running out of time. What is it I'm doing right now? What if I'm dying, what if I keel over tomorrow? Am I doing the now things I would really want to be doing? Why am I so stuck in regrets? Is this a midlife crisis? If I've got as long as my Dad, then I'm already past halfway. Sorry to be morbid. Then again, Mom is doing fine. She keeps saying she'll come visit and stain my fence. And I keep replying, you don't have to stain my fence to visit.

Maybe that's what the plants are for. It helps to stop and marvel at the small, amazing, incredibleness of them.

Too bad I can't bring myself to admire the small, amazing, incredibleness of mosquitos.


kmkat said...

Echinacea / purple coneflower is native to the prairies of the midwest, so it evolved to survive droughts and prairie fires. It may well be completely indestructible, as far as I know :-)

Cookie said...

That Kat is so good.

Live each day, darling, because none of us know how many we have.


Knittripps said...

I needed to be reminded today to take a deep breath and slow down. I sure don't feel like I am getting anything done but maybe if I look closely enough I am. And maybe if I step back far enough the rest doesn't matter or can wait. Maybe?

Carrie K said...

Because mosquitos are not intrinsically incredible? Other than their existence?

Heh. I'm probably past a mid life crisis but I've been freaking out over my library/yarn. There is no way I'm going to read/knit all of that - particularly if I'm as slow about both as I have been lately.

(I may or may not be driving around with three huge bags of stash in my trunk that I'm supposed to get rid of.)

alittleweirdo said...

Love the pretty flowers! I'm looking forward to starting a garden, though our moving dates got pushed out a week. I feel like my to-do list keeps getting put on hold! Good luck with the dying - can't wait to see the yarn!