Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm all in a listy lusty mood right now. Make! Lots! of! (useless) Lists!

What I'd rather be:

  • eating

    • red vines! Not the stale ones, either.
    • fudge
    • or, a really good chocolate chip cookie. Not one of those crappy bakery ones either, but a REALLY GOOD COOKIE. With nuts and milk chocolate + semi-sweet chocolate chips
    • a good Cabernet
    • Scotch

  • doing

    • walking along the river in the current miracle of Sun!Shine!
    • knitting. duh.
    • just general yarn fondling
    • preparing dinner. So we don't have to play that "what're we having for dinner?" "I dunno" game again.
    • dyeing. watch the 'e', dahlink.
    • snuggled with the cat & K
    • playing Katamari Damacy or variants

  • reading

    • Anything but this technical documentation
    • The last 4 pages of my book-for-workouts, which is strictly to be Read At the Gym so now I'm dying to know the ending. (I need motivation wherever I can get it. Only reading page-turners at the gym is one way)

  • wish I were

    • creative
    • thin
    • graceful
    • clever
    • not so easily bored

Sigh. Better get back to work.


Krista M said...

Mmmm...fondling yarn. Now you're talking. Must. find. Debbie. Bliss. cashmerino.

Kat with a K said...

I love lists! Fun.