Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Today's Sense of Humor: Sick

Although today it's pissing down rain and everything is soggy and grey, it was actually sunny a little bit this week.

This is the start to some Conwy socks (Nancy Bush, Knitting on the Road), that I'm doing for Audrey. This was the 2nd cast-on, and I've already ripped this out.

She's got somewhat larger feet like me (though not my enormous size 11s), so I can kind of use my foot as a model... sort of. I want them to fit but I also want them to have enough room to stretch if her ankles and feet start swelling from the chemo.

  1. I tried casting on and working Conwy as writting, and got down into the cabling before getting obsessed with worry that they would not be stretchy enough. They fit just about right NOW based on her measurements.

  2. I ripped them out and cast on again, this time adding 8 more stitches for an additional K2P2 rib on each side (there's already 1 on each side, running down to the heel). Now they feel way too loose. They're just about right.. on me and my ginormo feet (my ankles are 9" around and my legs get bigger quickly. Hey, I love my calves. They are the most defined muscles on my body. But they are substantial).

  3. So I am ripping AGAIN to go back to the original. I'd rather have them fit now. And make a bigger pair later if necessary.

I'm using RYC Cashsoft DK in pink, her favorite color. It's lovely soft, which probably means these socks are going to hold up like tissue paper, but the point is not practicality. It's Soft and Pink.

I also decided to splurge (this was actually selfish, as I've never worked with cashmere before) and cast on a pair of bed socks in cashmere yarn. Woo boy is that stuff soft. And totally inelastic. Those socks have now gone through about 3 cast-ons and needle changes as well (can you tell i had an oh-so-productive weekend?), and I finally threw it down in a pique. We'll try going down another needle size I suppose. Grump. Anyone ever made cashmere socks before? How to deal with the inelasticity?

I'm a horrible person for laughing at this cartoon. And I adore the muppets. (Warning, NOT CHILD SAFE. But not for the usual reasons)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Karen Lander said...

you are way way way too you have any idea how big your heart is?? i cannot believe the love are care and patience you are putting in to this...way way too much

happyy day after thanksgiving

Karen Lander said...

love the cartoon - it is my thanksgiving favorite!

Little Sesame said...

i just finished a pair of cashmere socks... which turned out luxuriously soft...I've followed Priscilla's Dream Socks pattern and yes it's a little slouchy, but not too bad though cos this pattern allows me to fold the cuffs down. Hope this help and will post in details on my blog soon.

Rabbitch said...

Dude, I was reading your archives because I am a horrible, horrible friend and haven't visited in a bit and when I was in October I couldn't see archives for November and suddenly thought you'd dropped off the radar for a whole month and I hadn't said a thing. So now I'm all over feeling like ass and I'm going to go have another beer and no, that isn't why I couldn't find them and Hi! Long time no talk.

zkfux is my verification word and I think it's appropriate right now.

Krista M said...

What a sweet idea! When my Aunt Kathy was in the hospital for a LOOOONG treatment my mother bought her a totally impractical bed jacket made of mint green satin. Do you know she barely took the thing off to be washed? The idea in this case is comfort and luxury, not practicality. Cashmere socks totally fit the bill!

Wen said...

In response to your question about the Jade Sapphire... I don't know yet. I tried knitting the socks on 5's (it's 6 ply) but I didn't like the toes so I ripped. And I thought the "toe swatch" (ha!) was a little "thick" for my Dad. I'm going to swatch a 6 and a 7 to see what happens. I'll blog it when I do.

As for the in-elasticity problem...well Jade Sapphire 6 ply makes a good turkey tie when you can't find the kitchen twine...

jenifleur said...

Audrey's foot is only 1/4" shorter than mine, how's that for luck? I'm doing my first pair in lace for the same reason you pointed out-in case her feet swell from treatment. I think someone should put into writing the things you need to take into consideration when knitting for sick people-wouldn't it be handy?

The RYC is an excellent choice, even if it isn't durable. Think how lovely they'll feel when the rest of her feels like crap in bed. You rock.

BigAlice said...

Thanks all for the comments.

I'll be using all the cashmere tips I can get. I've got this huge irrational fear that I will screw up everything. Good thing yarn isn't easily breakable when dropped.

Jen, you lucky! I wish my feet were smaller. I did try on the first sock right before the toe decreases, and it seemed to be about on target for an inch shorter than my foot.