Thursday, April 26, 2007

And now for something completely different

This is my current commuter project. The one I ripped out the entire foot the other day. I took 8 more stitches off the gusset and it's now pleasantly tighter.

The pattern's my own, just a combination of a ribbing and a Barbara Walker pattern (it's easy, just a right twist every other row). Looks like little knots but it doesn't feel like it. I didn't feel much like doing a regular rib. There's calf shaping at the top, via an extra purl in each of those purl troughs.

The yarn's Trekking XXL that I bought from Weaving Works in Seattle more than a year ago. It's marled yarn, a mixture of mostly browns and greys with other subtle flashes of color, and it reminds me of beachcombing on the Oregon coast, with all the surprises of jaspar and agate in among the granite. I love marled yarn. Nobody seems to make it except handspinners, Trekking, Mellenweit, and Noro. Oh, I think there was a Cascade cotton that got discontinued last year? It's almost enough to suck me into handspinning. ALMOST. Not going there.

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