Friday, April 20, 2007

Yo, Yo! (happily drunken)

Tonight we walked over to the local and had a couple pints of their new IPA and it's truly fantastic (as are most of their short runs). Too bad that they usually sell out of the seasonals within a couple days. And I am happily drunken and not pretty much caring about crap right now except the purring cat on my lap. Oops, kitty has Places to Go and Things to Do so she is gone (as have I, but I don't care. So I'm staying put. As mentioned before).

It's one of those lovely Spring nights where it's finally amazingly clear and there was a gorgeous crescent moon and Venus hovering near. The kind of moon where you can see the rest of the moon because the crescent is so brilliant. It's the sort of night where you think of how lucky you are to see this night and how much you'll treasure it, because of its perfect clear brilliancy (except cold. Because sunny==cold for most of the winter here, so it's a rare Spring day that it's both warm and clear. Usually clear means->no clouds to hold in heat, so happy 50 degree temps)

I have to rip out all of my progress, several thousand stiches (sob), on the Cheshire Cat stole, because I cannot add. 130 + 10 + 3 does not equal 133, at least in any base that I know of. SHIT. Oh well. It's official RIPPIT day, as I also pulled out the current commuter sock back to the last gusset decrease row today. It took me 6 stops to rip that all out and ball it up, and I barely finished reinserting the DPNS onto the row-o-choice by the time I had to get off the train. More colorful expletives. However, I figure if I'm going to make handknit socks for myself, they should damn well fit like I want them to. Else why bother? Also a learning note: if the foot feels too loose just after the heel, it's not going to get any better working the foot farther. Bah. Ah well, it's just the commuter project. There's a reason I don't bother to track how long it takes to complete those.

I drown'ed myself in retail therapy today at Let it Bead today (I KNOW. YES, THE NAME), because I had something for beading part of the silk lace stole (oh, the abject consumptionist embarassment) but nothing that really FIT the edges. So I spent an hour suckered in by Czech glass, aquamarine, labrodorite, and quartz. I couldn't decide (ha, what ELSE is new) and so went with several. And then was wracked by indecision in the later afternoon, thinking all of my choices were too heavy. Perhaps I will hit the other 2 fine bead shops wihtin 5 miles of my house. um, embarassment of riches? Spending too much cash on little sparkly things?

And La, I do apologize, because I know you've got the jones for Dyeing and I've got some supply for you (hey, can't let a fellow Knit-From-Your-Stasher break her commitment: less of my stash might mean more of hers but only temporarily; it's all good) but I've been superlame about packaging things up. I will try mightily to get my crap together tomorrow. After the marathon ripping today, it's the least I can do.

I'll leave you with a pic of my babies:

In another month or so, they'll be 6 feet high. Fresh snap peas are what makes life worth living.


pacalaga said...

My local bead store is Back Door Beads. It was featured in Maxim magazine's Unintentional Porn section.
I would think tiny glass would be lighter than tiny stone, and I also think you can totally do this. Check out some of Sivia Harding's patterns to see what size beads she uses with what size yarn. I can't wait to see it, because even though I curse the curse of a thousand curses while I'm working with beads, I LOVE the way they look in a finished knit. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Oh yeah, and La put in a provision that she's allowed to buy more dyeing yarn, and she'd best get on it because I'm dying for a pair of JenLa socks.

Carol said...

At least you got far enough on a knit to call it one! Every time I decide OK, my turn for a knit something happens. I was staring at the moon last night too, it was pretty cool huh? Wish I had a good enough camera to capture stuff like that. Chin up, your knits will grow with your peas and have a drink for me please...

zoe said...

enjoy!!! what lovely blogs, I can almost see the moon in my minds eye. what is the project you are ripping? I am not up on that one!

Carol said...

You're not late! Thanks for the well wishes! All is good.

Kristen said...

Ouch, that's a big project to rip - but you're right. The math is wrong. As my friend once said, "Knitting is two of my favorite things: soft and county."

I always mess up the counting.

My cat is standoffish today, sleeping off the remnants of the sedatives, and being generally hairless. Yes, I think the shaving helped.