Sunday, April 20, 2008

F is for Fabric Depot

I'm a little sad (and envious) tonight, because earlier I took the Love Monkey to the airport to leave for a week-long business trip to London. Yes, that London. It's his first time, and unfortunately he'll be mostly tied up in meetings. I don't care if it's silly or clingy, I miss him when he's gone, even just for a few days.

I thought about F for Fat or Food or some other loaded topic, but frankly I'm tired of obsessing about those particularl things. Instead:

F is for Fabric Depot!

Fabric Depot is ENORMOUS fabric and craft store here in Portland. Behind that unassuming brown facade lies a wonderland of quilting cotton and sewing fabric. (the pictures are surreptitious so not all that great, sorry.)

I can't quite describe how marvelous this store is to non-quilters; but to give you knitters some analogy, Fabric Depot is like the sewer's version of WEBS. This picture is looking toward the several rows of batiked and hand-dyed cottons. What you can't see are the the aisles and aisles and aisles of printed cottons, and this is just looking to the left half of the store.

I have a serious addiction to the remnants section (60% original price) and I admit to getting repeatedly sucked into the bi-monthly 40%-off-all-fabric sales. Michelle and I hit "The Depot" this weekend; me in search of baby bootie buttons. I had mighty self control but still came home with about 8 packs of buttons.

What? I'll use them, I'm sure. 4 of them are already sewed onto baby booties.

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