Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I never get anything done

I like to read blogs and all, but honestly? Not so much lately for people I don't know, because everyone seems to Get Stuff Done except for me. I just looked this one blog and she's got a pile of stuff in her "Finished for 2008!" list. I've got a pile of half, mostly, and nowhere-near finished stuff and I only seem to keep adding to it. It's not as if I am having a mad cast-on Spring fling, it just feels I unknit more than I knit these days. It's true I am often distracted by the Shiny and New, and also I have to have an easy travel knit ready at all times or I might die of boredom on the train, but that doesn't explain the enormity of this pile.

I can't get it together in other bits of my life either: do I have pictures to show you of all these supposed knitted things? No, I do not.

Darth Socks: reworking the toe for the 3rd time now.

Obsession Socks: ran out of yarn halfway through the second foot. Nowhere near the toe, so I can't just fake my way with some different-colored toes. Not enough yarn even if I pulled out the first sock's toe.

Clown Socks: waiting for measurements. Mostly done with first foot.

Lace stole: on hold since forever. Newer shinier things appeared.

Cardigan o' pinkness: got bored. Fearing it is too fugly.

Knittin' for the new niece: I did design and finish a hat. I have no idea whether it will fit a real baby. I can't find a grapefruit of the appropriate trial size. But the accompanying baby booties are stalled out at the straps because I can't figure out how to do them so they look the same. grrrr. About 4th or 5th reknit on these.

2 ideas for niece baby sweaters floating around my head that I want to cast on for RIGHT NOW: on hold 'til I get some measurements, since niece #1 was MONSTER BABY and fitting into size 1 clothes when she was 6 months.

Cassidy's handspun beanie: needs ripping out AGAIN because it's just a smidge too short. And it's got an unfortunate nipple top.

In the midst of all this, I think I want to make a toy rabbit, one that has a stranded colourwork dress. I have never worked stranded colourwork. I'll let you know how it goes.

First though, I've got to figure out something on those booties and get them out the door. SIL's due in a couple weeks so she could pop at any time.

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