Thursday, January 29, 2009


Which about sums it all up lately. Obsessed about weight (ha ha, what else is new?), exercise, diet; worried about the cat (she's fine, she's even gained 3 ounces in the last few months. Unless she's dying of cancer, in which case I can't do much about that anyway. She doesn't act like she's dying), the economy, the environment, my parents (who might actually really be retiring this year. I'll believe it when I see it). I hate all my clothes, they all feel tired and worn and don't fit very well (ha ha, kind of like me). I am second guessing and criticising my professional work, my workouts, my interactions with othe people, my color choices, the evenness of my knit stitches....

But really I have many great things, lots of wonderful stuff has happened to me, and I really really appreciate everything I have. Which why it drives me nuts when I get like this (yes, I've got a part of my brain commenting on another part of it. arggh).

At least I can deal with some of the physical tension. I've been stretching. A lot - sometimes 3 times a day. I also got a foam roller a couple weekends ago so I can be better about doing an IT band massage daily
rather than relying on the gym's roller. I don't always get to the gym every day. I still need to get big exercise ball, but for now I'll still rely on the gym's.

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