Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I don't tweet

Because I'm too lazy to set it up.

But life seems to be best summed up in one-liners lately. Or maybe I'm just lazy again.

Topic one: allergies
My sinuses are making a determined effort to kill me.

Cetirizine works but makes me tired all the time (sleep for 10 hours a night). I suspect that it also has the odd side effect of raising my blood pressure.

Loratadine works, but only at full strength, for a few hours.

At least there's benedryl, for when I can't sleep.

Really tired of sneezing. The BACK OF MY THROAT ITCHES

Topic two: dyeing
Really grooving on this lately. Especially the overdyeing.

Overdyeing also extends the fun, seeing as a) I don't have a yarn sale business, so b) I have way, way too much yarn.

Kraemer Jeannie has a really, really fast strike time. wow. Should have used that for my turquoise-brown mix, instead of the nylon/wool.

Topic three: knitting

Knittingly frustrated. I keep swatching for designs, can't ever get things right.

I really ought to pick up K's sweater, rip it out, and start over.

Topic four: weather
It's 90 degrees here today. Summer++!

Topic four: climate, meteorology, and popular belief
The Autumnal equinox is not the "first day of fall".

For no good reason, it bugs the hell out of me when people say this.

Don't believe me? The summer solstice, until relatively recently, was known as MIDSUMMER. MID. summer. That's because as the day with the longest amount of sunlight at the most direct angle, by all rights it should be the hottest day of the year (except it's not, because the earth takes a while to warm up and so lags behind a bit)

Which ought to be the smack dab middle of the season, not the beginning.

Really? end of December the "beginning" of winter? Where I live winter pretty much sets in by the end of November.

Grumpy old coot.

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